Hair Removal Services

For a woman, hair on the head is ideal. But, hair elsewhere is a different story.

Lady Grace Beauty Spa offers a variety of hair removal services, including eyebrow threading and waxing. These procedures can be used to remove hair from nearly any part of the body.

Eyebrow and Face Threading

This technique originated in India. It involves moving a thin, cotton thread along the eyebrows. The thread pulls individual hairs from the follicle. Over time, the hair grows in finer and less noticeable.

An eyebrow threading takes about seven minutes and can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

There are benefits to using eyebrow threading to shape your brows. No artificial waxes or chemicals are applied to the skin, which is fantastic for people with sensitive skin.

The thread is less likely to make noticeable divots in the eyebrow shape, or to pull out the wrong hair, as is possible when one shapes their eyebrows with tweezers.

Threading can be utilized to remove other facial hair too.


Whether it's an eyebrow, arm, stomach, or bikini line hair removal, our technicians can help you with a waxing session.

In a waxing appointment, a technician will apply the heated wax to a specific body part, then cover the wax with a fabric strip of some sort. Next comes the part people find unpleasant- when the wax has cooled a bit and grabbed the hair, the technician will remove the strip, pulling the wax and hair with it.

This hair removal procedure is okay for most people, although those with sensitive skin may notice increased sensitivity; individuals taking certain medications, those with a history of cold sores, and individuals with Rosacea should take care, perhaps talk with a doctor before they choose waxing as their hair removal method.

If you're looking for a solution for your hair removal needs, contact Lady Grace Beauty Spa today. Call 813-997-3414 to schedule your appointment.